I have committed myself to look at the world and learn from it through visual arts. Chance, mystery, surprise, experimentation, time, light, color, shades, feelings, stories, expressions, subjectivity, poetry... Some of the words that drift trough my head every day, from morning till dawn. My obsessions always have something to do with these words. Since I was around 9 I started enjoying the nice art history books my parents had at home. I can´t forget how striking was to see at first the dramatic Baroque paintings from Rembrandt, Caravaggio, La Tour and other old masters. Looking at them I wondered about these faces from centuries ago that seemed share the same space with me... They still strike me and make me want to do something in my own context and with my own hands.


As an artist I try to raise questions, to stimulate curiosity (others and mine). I see the works of art as open windows to an infinite spaces, unique universes in themselves. I strongly believe that the nature of works of art resides in the viewer that experience the piece of art and makes sense out of it. I believe the goal of an artist is to try to make an interesting playground for the viewers mind.


As a visual artist, I play with different media such as photography, painting, drawing, ready-mades and installations. As many others, I´m looking for new ways to underline and rethink what we see every day and sometimes overlook. With photography, I try to take "light prints" of moments, places and people I ran across, as a small poetic acts, and as small utopian resistance gestures. My interest is to stimulate the imagination of the viewer and to make us aware of the beauty of the everyday life instants, that are what life is really about. I try to make pictures from different people, that work in a similar kind of way as a mirror, for all of us that look at them.


Devoting your life to art is a beautiful and challenging path. Full of  happiness, fun,  excitement, and also small and big disappointments and problems. It's a big effort we artist do, but we are not the most important ones in the process of art as a communicative experience. The most important ones in this process are the people interacting with the works of art.  I have been honored and very lucky to be invited to show my works in my country and abroad, meeting wonderful talented people, and learning wonderful things from them. I consider this very important, because the interaction of the work of art with the audience is the most important part of the process of art.  I´m grateful because to be able to have had  chance to continue thinking about art and trying to do as interesting and open to the viewers as possible and to keep learning everyday.


Art is a beautiful excuse to encounter with others and to cause encounters among others. That's one of my goals, to make works of art that allow the creation of bridges between people. Works that make us think about our crazy and complex reality from a poetic point of view. I wish to continue on this beautiful infinite and uncertain path of art making, as long as I can!


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