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I'm a visual artist from Bogota, graduated as Fine art master in 2007 from the University of the Andes. I'm currently a master degree student at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at the University of New York.


Before coming here I was devoted only to my photography and art projects, and teaching Art History at the Sergio Arboleda University. My main interests are chance, play and surprise, using different media to make and see how things happen... What will happen? We don't know exactly...


I've exhibited my work in Bogota, Rome, Tunja and Barranquilla, Paris and New York.


In 2007 I started the Reflex project,  that was awarded with the I.I.L.A Latin American Photography Prize in 2011. This allowed  Reflex to visit Rome, to be part of the Rome International Photography Festival at M.A.C.R.O (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome) in 2011, and Reflex Roma in 2012, as the result of the 2011 residence. My goal is to continue a never ending trip, surprising myself and others with everyday's surprises and tiny miracles...



Nicolás Sanín es un artista plástico y fotógrafo colombiano nacido en 1983. Graduado en 2007 como Maestro en arte en la Universidad de los Andes de Colombia. Se ha desempeñado como artista plástico desde entonces, participando en exposiciones colectivas e individuales en su país y en otros . Su labor ha sido reconocida con el Premio de fotografía I.I.L.A en 2011 y en 2014 con el Premio de Fotografía Liberation-Apaj . De manera paralela ha trabajado como profesor de historia del arte en la Universidad Sergio Arboleda. Actualmente se encuentra cursando una maestría  en la facultad de artes en el programa de I.T.P (Interactive Telecommunications Program en la Universidad de Nueva York.

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